BrandLovrs receives $2 million in investment for influencer marketing in Brazil

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One of the most booming marketing trends in the last ten years has been influencer marketing, which has surpassed all the strategies that were commonly used to promote a product or service, proving to be efficient and successful.

Given the need to make it easier for brands to find the right influencer to promote their products, BrandLovrs was born in Brazil, a company that uniquely connects both parties so that the creation of content is done in the simplest and most effective way. 

Thanks to the growing economic market of content creators, BrandLovrs has already received $2 million in its seed state, reaching more than 20 million people participating in the influencer marketing ecosystem, according to figures published by Meta. 

Influencer and brand identity connection

Currently, 70% of Brazilian companies have already hired the services of an influencer to increase their sales or publicize a product. In the same way, 50% of actively consuming users have claimed to buy a product or service thanks to the recommendation of the new social media celebrities, but how does the monetization of these services and sales growth occur for brands? 

Influencers in Brazil barely manage to receive about $100 per month for their services, claiming that many times the income that these recommendations generate for brands is much higher and that there is a lack of platforms that allow them to automate the workflow in order to generate more money working for more brands. 

BrandLovrs serves as a bridge that connects brands with influencers that are aligned with the established requirements, either by product type, target audience, and strategy optimization. Since its foundation, BrandLovrs has already worked with important companies such as Hidratei, Kings, and Aramis. 

Rafael Marino, co-founder and CRO at BrandLovrs explained: “Brands that have signed up for the platform are experiencing an additional 10 to 15% revenue growth, generating between 7-15x return on investment and managing an average of 200 creators through the BrandLovrs platform. We are growing by word of mouth on the back of good results.”

The strategy behind the success 

Being able to identify the right audience is one of the biggest challenges for any company. BrandLovrs helps owners link the core of their brand with influencers who will understand how and who to talk to, and through the platform,  measure the level of success of the campaign, possible future moves, and what is needed to achieve more tremendous success. 

Furthermore, for influencers, the platform allows, in a simple way, to become brand ambassadors, giving them not only greater financial freedom, but turning them into brand ambassadors, which will not only create greater loyalty among users, but will also generate greater earnings in terms of exposure and revenue for both parties involved. 

“In the digital age, everyone will monetize either their influence or their data on the internet. What was restricted to a few in the last decade will be accessible to 100% of the population in a few years. The entrepreneurialization of the individual is one of the biggest trends of the decade,” said Rapha Avellar, co-founder, and CEO of BrandLovrs.

Strategic growth for brands and creators 

Due to the success achieved in Brazil, BrandLovrs plans to start expanding throughout Latin America, where the influencer ecosystem is increasing, to make it easier for influencers to connect with brands, monetize work and design effective strategies that will allow them to perform better. 

One of BrandLovrs’ main objectives is to grow over time, and in this way democratize access to the creator’s economy, facilitating the work of millions of influencers throughout Latin America and giving them greater financial freedom. To achieve this, BrandLovrs already has a $2 million seed investment from Canary, a company that invests in Latin American projects such as Alice, Buser, and Gupy.

Also during the round, it managed to attract the attention of former Director of International Growth at Facebook Laura González-Estéfani, and Ricardo Sangion, representing The VentureCity, as well was catching the eyes of Endeavor Scale-Up Ventures and 4Equity.

“In addition to heavyweight funds, global celebrities Will.I.Am and J Balvin have invested in the business. The company already has angels like Luciano Huck (#1 TV show host in Brazil), Adam Bain and Matt Derela (former Twitter C-levels) and Marc Lemann (the son of Jorge Paulo – richest man in Brazil,” said Rapha. 

This international funding and attention have allowed BrandLovrs to position itself within the Brazilian market, bringing together more clients (brands and influencers) within its platform and the extension of a project that seeks to facilitate the processes we manage today and take the influencer marketing industry to another level. 

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